Salon Time = Me Time

Before kids I used to actually get annoyed with having to sit in a chair for hours to get my hair done. I took advantage of the fact that I had money to squander and nobody else to spend it on-besides that ridiculous amount of bills I accrued with my first husband I married because I was lonely and felt like he was the best I could do at that time-but that’s another story.

Rooooots! Momalayge..

Today is the first day in about seven months I’ve been able to get my hair done at all. My ends were so split I looked like I put my finger in a light socket, and my roots are so bad I look like..well, I’ll leave the name calling to your imagination. I’ve actually named it the “Momalayge”. Think Balayage but for moms who get their hair done thinking they will be able to go to the salon consistently and keep up their roots so it ends up looking like complete garbage. Enter the fact we moved across country and I had to find someone new to fix me up. And let’s be honest girls, I’m pickier about who does my hair than who my gynecologist is.

My Mom was awesome enough to come to town for Spring Break, so my husband has reinforcements just in case he feels like he needs it. So here I sit, getting my hair done and loving life. No screaming kids. Nobody needing anything. Nobody to hold or nurse. And someone “playing” with my hair. Ahhhhhhhh….I would hope it goes without saying that I adore my kids and wouldn’t have it any other way. But holy I need time to myself, Batman, this is the life. And I don’t even know how much this gal charges. Right now, it doesn’t matter. In a couple hours, I will feel like a new woman and ready to put my Super Mom cape back on.

What do you do for “Me time”? Lemme know, I might need to pick up another thing in between my too-long-in-between salon visits!

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