This is for all the Mama’s out there

From the time I was a child, all I ever truly wanted to be when I grew up was a Mother. I mean, besides the years of dreaming of being a famous actress in Hollywood. But when I was growing up I realized that wasn’t the life for me-I wanted privacy and a “real life”. And Brad Pitt was no longer available, so why bother right?! I became a mother at 29. I feel like that was a great age. I was truly able to enjoy a lot of good times and grow as a person. I was ready to be a mom.

As much as I absolutely LOVE motherhood and wouldn’t trade it for the world, sometimes I feel like I’m completely insane for starting this journey. Especially now that I have three kids and some days it’s all I can do not to pull my hair out from the roots.

This blog is for all Moms out there, in hopes you find something to relate to and help you find peace. In hopes that when you feel like you need a friend you are not alone. Because it’s those times when we truly feel like we don’t have our shiz together and we are a huge hot mess that we need the most support…and coincidentally those are usually the times when we retreat to our shell and cry in the pantry with our favorite sugary treat or bottle of wine because we just know that everyone else has their act together and we are totally screwing our kids and this whole motherhood thing up.

If there’s a topic you’d like to read about or would like to connect, lemme know. I’d love to hear from you and also know I’m not alone living this awesome hot mess mama life.

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