What is this Skinny On A Spoon You Keep Seeing on Social Media?

You're seeing it everywhere. From big-time influencers like the Real Housewives to small-time Moms (like me) and everywhere in-between. The images and the stories are the same, eating a spoonful of something to lose inches off your waist. But what in the heck is it, what does it do, and is it just a bunch... Continue Reading →

I Was Angry At Myself. A Story of Sexual Assault.

When I was in the Army, I became pretty rough around the edges. It could be different for other women, but my experience was that you either had sex when it was asked of you or you did not get ahead in life. The terms, and pardon my French, were that you were either a... Continue Reading →

The Desperate Mom

A Mom was desperate to have the flexibility and income to stay home with her kids but still make some extra money around her own schedule. She felt lonely as she hasn't had much adult interaction since becoming a Mom and quitting her job that she had a love/hate relationship with. She missed the confidence... Continue Reading →

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