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29572812_10160253021180357_8368770851431787654_nHi, Ya’ll!

I am the baby of three kids.  While being the youngest definitely had its perks, I was younger than my sister by five years and kind of grew up not having a playmate or close sibling.  I became part of a split family at a young age-when divorce was very taboo and didn’t happen to many families.  So all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a Stay-at-home Mom and have a houseful of children.  It was my dream to bake cakes all day and do fun things with my kids, like go to story time and craft all day.  And I wanted an even number of kids! I could have two or four, but not three, because I wanted all of my kids to have a buddy to grow up with.

An interesting childhood led me to “run away” to the military.  It was there that I felt stuck, but also where I met my amazing husband.  We married very quickly after we met and had a rough first year.  But we got through that and started a family.  When my daughter was born I felt this CRAZY love that I felt was so strong there is no way this universe could support other mothers feeling the way I felt about her. Once I realized that the military was not going to support my desire to raise my own children or allow my husband and I to actually be on the same continent, I started the push to be a SAHM.

We lost a baby at 16 weeks and I got pregnant again with our incredible son before I was finally able to start living my dream.  Only then we needed more money because we went from two full-time incomes to one income and my husband was making less by following his own dream of becoming a Fireman.  So I went back to work as a Realtor.  I did get to spend some time at home, but it was mainly stressful and we certainly hated not getting paid for months while I worked my ever-lovin’ behind off.

We lost another baby at 16 weeks, then I got pregnant again with our third (and last) beautiful baby girl.  My husband got a job at a bigger fire department with better pay, so we picked up and moved to Texas.  We absolutely love it here, and the kids are thriving.  I am a mother to three (and only three) because I’m not getting any younger and didn’t want to risk another loss.  But also because this mothering thing is NOT what I expected.  Do I love it? YOU BETCHA! Is it wayyyyyyyy harder than I thought? HECK TO THE YES!! Half the time I feel like a total failure. But those sweet comments of “Mommy, I love you” make every moment worth it.

Enter NETWORK MARKETING.  When I learned that 80% of women who make six figures do so with a network marketing/direct sales business, I knew I wanted in.  I can make money from home just by talking to people and meeting new people?? I can make money by taking other moms out for wine?? What the what?!! YES!! Listen, there are HUNDREDS of amazing and legitimate businesses out there, so it’s important that you find one you will actually do the work in.  It’s not going to be an overnight success, and it does take work.  People won’t be knocking down your door begging to buy what you’re selling.  I chose to partner with Rodan + Fields because I SERIOUSLY needed to reverse the sun damage all those years in the Army and a lifetime of not wearing sunscreen has done, and I also REALLLLLLY wanted to fight this crazy aging thing.  I also love the business model.  They make the system very simple to follow, and I don’t have to carry inventory or do parties.  I literally have a great time meeting other amazing women.

What I truly want is to help those of you who follow me to be able to laugh with me, cry with me, celebrate successes, and see the joy in life.  Life is an incredible and amazing journey, but we have to focus on what is good in life and that can sometimes be hard.  Especially when we are all a bit of a Hot Mess.  You are not alone, Mama.  We are in this journey together.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I look forward to getting to know you better.  Feel free to reach out to me so we can connect! leahbeday@gmail.com


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