It’s what’s behind the smile

There are some days when I look in the mirror and think, "I look pretty today." Or even, "Yay, I look cute!"  I have never considered myself a gorgeous girl by any means.  I always did what billions of girls and women do across the globe...critique myself.  Put myself down.  I've even dated some real... Continue Reading →

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

How many of you reading this are in the career you FIRST chose when you graduated from school? Doesn't matter which school that may be: high school, technical school, undergrad, grad school...Are you still doing what you first set out to do?  My next question is this: Are you doing what you always dreamed you'd... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Dropped

If you don't wanna read the whole story, you MUST skip to the lessons at the end for parents and entrepreneurs.... My kids absolutely LOVE the water.  They could swim all day, love water parks, even the tub.  If it's water, they are excited.  The problem is, they can't swim.  This has been a problem,... Continue Reading →

When I was stationed in Korea…

As I build this blog and share with you funny stories, successes and failures as a mom and woman, ways I have finally decided I'm worth it to take care of myself so that hopefully this will encourage and help women, I feel it's important to share some things about my past that may also... Continue Reading →

Love Earrings But Can’t Wear Them?

I've had my ears pierced since I was five or six. My mom made it a rule that we didn't get our ears pierced until we made the decision for ourselves-which I have followed with my own girls. So actually, I had my ears pierced twice. I remember being so tough when the first ear... Continue Reading →

The Battle of the Highchair Lock

Every night, and I mean EVERY night, my toddler has to mess with the lock on her high chair. It goes like this... We sit down for dinner, and she must fasten herself in. We pray (which, btw, she is the cutest during prayer. She nods and winks and holds hands), we eat, and when... Continue Reading →

Bedtime Adventures Volume 1

Bedtime with littles is always an adventure!!! Me: Lily, go grab all the dirty towels so I can wash them. Lily, 7, comes down with an arm full of towels. Lily: Some of these are clean. Me: What do you mean? Why did you grab clean towels? Lily: Because you said to grab all the... Continue Reading →

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