How much water do you have to drink to improve your skin?

Is water good for your skin or not? Because I have, and always have had, extremely dry skin, the answer to this is gold. While most everything you Google will say that it IS good for your skin, and even has some pretty persuasive reasoning, actual scientific research says that water DOESN'T help improve your... Continue Reading →

Get Over Your Damn Self

I am, and always have been, a very avid reader. I've always been able to escape into a book, see myself as the heroine, and truly find joy getting lost in the words. In the last few years as I am learning the world of entrepreneurship, I learned that the old icky feeling people put... Continue Reading →

Improve your chapped lips overnight

Ahhhh the time of year when Christmas is in the air, and sickness is all over your house.  This past week, I literally had no idea what in the world I was suffering from until I got some insight from my friends and family.  I had never had a sinus infection before moving to Texas,... Continue Reading →

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