The Desperate Mom

A Mom was desperate to have the flexibility and income to stay home with her kids but still make some extra money around her own schedule. She felt lonely as she hasn’t had much adult interaction since becoming a Mom and quitting her job that she had a love/hate relationship with. She missed the confidence and sense of purpose she’d had in her career. And she missed the money and the freedom that income gave her. She decided to pray and ask God for an answer.

A week later, she was invited to a party. Her friend started a new business and asked her to come to the launch. She politely declined. She wasn’t into buying that “overpriced” stuff from friends so they could make a commission off of her. She would much rather her money go to endorse celebrities she likes to watch on TV. She kept praying for answers to something that allow her to stay home with her gives but give her purpose in life and adult interaction (and, of course, some extra cash).

Three days later, a different friend asked if she would be open to take a look at some products she had bought from their mutual friend that she was really loving. She politely declined. She would rather buy the cheap stuff in bulk. She knew she got what she paid for with it, but it hadn’t steered her wrong in the past. Besides, all that stuff her friend spouted off about toxins and chemicals and nonsense in her everyday essentials was just a bunch of nonsense anyway…right? She just doesn’t have time for that! She continued to pray, more diligently and fiercely as time went by.

A few months later, she was invited out for wine. Her friend’s business was going well and she wanted to share her excitement. She politely declined. She didn’t want to be “sold.” How dare her friend gloat and only invite her out when she has something about her business going on?? She did NOT want to hear some fluff about how great her friend was doing in some ridiculous home business pyramid. She stayed home and continued to pray.

The Mom was frustrated and in tears. She had prayed for months with no answer to her prayers. She asked God, “Lord! I’ve been praying, begging you to help me. I LOVE my children and want to be the one home raising them. Let alone childcare costs now if I did go back to work! I need an outlet! I need to stay home! I need adult interaction! I need to find that sense of accomplishment again! I need to make some extra money so we don’t feel like we are always waiting for the shoe to drop! I feel like I’m drowning! Why won’t you HELP ME?! Why do you not answer??

God replied, “My dear, dear child. It is costly to live in this world, and SO many Moms are in your position. I’ve sent your friends to gently nudge you in the direction I think is best.”

“But, God! That home company? I have tried those and they don’t work. I’ve LOST money and friends, and ended up spinning my wheels. They are a sham!”

“Dear Child, you jumped at those without ever speaking to me. You did not know to check on the system of the business. Is it duplicatable? Is it a company with good morals and integrity? Is it a company just out to get your money, and not providing real help to people? Is it something you can truly do AROUND your family? You talked yourself into it before you spoke to me, and I would’ve told you to wait. I would’ve saved you the heartache because you just weren’t ready, and that wasn’t right for you. What you ask does not come easily. You have to put in the work, but the right kind of work. You have to be coachable. And for heaven’s sake, don’t spam your family and friends. I sent this to you because it is the answer for what you want. The products are affordable, and why would you not want to support your friend, anyway? Your friends asked you out and you didn’t even take them up on the offer to be social because you had negative thoughts in your mind. This is different, my dear. Because you came to me first, I will Bless it. And I will Bless you in it. It doesn’t matter how many times you may have failed at something in the past. You were trying to do it alone. I am with you, now. Keep me included. I sent your friends with the answer three times and yet you turned your head and prayed for signs on what to do. I always listen, and answer when the time is right. But just as your children don’t always like your answers, you are not always open to mine. The choice is yours.”

I wrote this because we all have been skeptics. Shoot, you may have been a skeptic turned crazed lunatic (like me) for a company and products that you loved but no matter how much work you put into it, it just didn’t pan out. It shouldn’t be that way. I have lots of failures in home businesses but just did not believe that I couldn’t make it work as so many people I know have! My story is a bit different from the story above, but I prayed and prayed and prayed and things (signs) were falling into place for me to say yes to a new company. I was nervous and scared, but it has been the best thing for me: my sanity, my relationship with my kids and husband (YES!! He is on board and always hated home companies), and my bank account. If you have general or specific questions I am happy to have real conversations with you about what to look for that best suits YOU. There are different companies for different reasons. So connect with me and I will help in any way I can (yes, even if it’s not with me. I don’t have to recruit in my business to make great money). BUT don’t forget to pray before you decide, my friends.

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  1. How do I sign up love? I would love to be able to work from home! I would definitely need some coaching, but am great at sales once I use a product and can speak to it. Is there an enrollment fee? I am currently enrolled as a Plexus ambassador, but have never put effort into it because I feel like there are too many ambassadors for me to be successful

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  2. Hey darlin! I’ll message ya and will share some info. We have a HUGE support team that brakes it down step-by-step. If you’re willing and able to put in 45-90 minutes a day you can do great things!


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