Love Earrings But Can’t Wear Them?

I’ve had my ears pierced since I was five or six. My mom made it a rule that we didn’t get our ears pierced until we made the decision for ourselves-which I have followed with my own girls. So actually, I had my ears pierced twice. I remember being so tough when the first ear was pierced and trying not to cry…but I just couldn’t do it. I burst into tears and couldn’t believe I had to allow it to happen to my other ear. But I did. Annnnd my ears ended up getting so infected that it was a huge Battle with my Mom and me until my piercings grew in. Then about a year later I had them pierced again.

Funny enough, I don’t remember the second experience. But I have never been able to keep earrings in my ears more than two hours without my ears hurting, burning, and leaving some yucky stuff behind.

Until recently, it was just something I was super bummed about. I LOVE earrings, but can’t wear them. I even tried Sterling silver, nickel free, 24k gold, etc etc. Like, what is wrong with me that I can’t wear ANY earrings?!?

That’s when I decided to start using good old Google and Facebook to ask around and I can’t believe what I found. Apparently, if you dip the post of your earring in Neosporin it’s not supposed to aggravate your skin. It seemed counterintuitive to me, but I reaaaaallly wanted to try to wear earrings again so I figured I would give it a shot. And guess what?? It WORKED! I even bought some cheap, nickel free earrings from Target which is generally a huge no-no. I put Neosporin on those bad boys and wore them all day with ZERO irritation! Whoo hoo!! I am so excited I just had to share. If I’m the last to know about this I’ll just contribute it to the fact that I like to live under a rock sometimes. But if not, I sure hope this helps you if you have the same issue.

By the way, I also read that Vaseline will also help. Is there something you’ve found that helps with your sensitive ears?

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