Bedtime Adventures Volume 1

Bedtime with littles is always an adventure!!!

Me: Lily, go grab all the dirty towels so I can wash them.

Lily, 7, comes down with an arm full of towels. Lily: Some of these are clean.

Me: What do you mean? Why did you grab clean towels?

Lily: Because you said to grab all the towels I can find.

Me: Which ones are clean?

Lily: Ummmmmm….

Me: UGH. Forget it. Just put them in the washer, please.

A few minutes later I see a mess of crumbled fig newtons all over the floor…

Me: I need someone to grab the broom, and someone to grab me a diaper for Annelise. (Annelise is 16 months and just out of the bath). At this age it’s fun to do selective chores, like grabbing the broom.

Ollie (4) and Lily chase one another for the broom. Meanwhile, Annelise has the toilet scrub brush and something brown on her face. Oh lawsy..then she turns around. In her butt I see poop. Ooooohhhhh lawsy!!! Ollie is crying because Lily beat him to the broom.

I say: Ollie, I have a very important job for you!

Thankfully his fake tears and very real, very loud screaming stops immediately. What? He asks me.

Me: I need some wipes! Help me quick! Lily, I need for you to go upstairs and look for the poop.

Lily and Ollie go find the poop in Annelise’s bedroom…all over the bedroom floor. And some in my bathroom floor…and some in their bathroom floor. I tell Lily to get the Scentsy Counter Clean and I grab a wash cloth to clean it up. As we are picking up, spraying, and scrubbing, Ollie says:

“Sissy, let’s take a selfie!”

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