“Ashy” (dry) skin and confidence

When I was nine-years-old, I was bullied on a daily basis. I was a minority at school. The girls loved to gang up on me and call me racial slurs and put me down in any way they could. At this age, I didn’t put lotion on…I mean, why would I? I was nine! But I’ll never forget on the playground when this group of girls started picking on me for my dry skin. “Look how ashy Leah is! Ewwww! Girl, you ashy! You need some lotion! Bahahahhahaha”

In a world where I wanted people to like me and just make friends and fit in, these words hurt. I didn’t even know what “ashy” was until they clarified it with the fact I needed lotion. Then they were nice enough to talk about my ashy knees and elbows to the point I just wanted the playground to swallow me.

From that point on, I made sure to slather myself with lotion as much as possible. Showering since then has been such a chore because I lather up with lotion or moisturizer immediately after getting out. ALL OVER my body. I was NEVER going to be the ashy girl on the playground, or anywhere else, ever again. But there was a problem. No matter what I used, it would only last a little while. Even the ones that came highly recommended. I have tried hundreds of products over the last 27 years. Expensive ones. Cheap ones. And the ones in between. And my skin is just…dry. So within a few hours, the itchiness and dryness always came back. Until recently.

I have FINALLY found a moisturizer that traps the moisture in my skin, all over my body for 18-24 hours (depending on what all I’m doing that day). Finally something that is worth the hype and truly works. My skin feels amazing, and I will never be “ashy” again! If you have this issue or just want to feel comfortable in your skin I’m happy to refer the product to you. If not, no worries. Oh, and there’s a 60 day money back guarantee. Yep, it’s truly that good.
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